IXOS iVEC Technology


After engineering our HDMIT cable to exceed all of the industry's standards, IXOS® raises the bar even higher by engineering iVECT technology. In reality more and more people are installing home theatre systems making it common for cable lengths to exceed 7.5m (24.6ft), after which point the 1080p signal starts to falter. iVECT technology solves this problem by engineering a patented microchip to act as a passive equalizer to filter out unavoidable low frequency noise generated in longer length cables. This low frequency noise will degrade the signal to a point where it is easily noticeable, especially on 720p/1080i, and more so on 1080p resolutions, causing poor color and less than acceptable image sharpness and clarity, the whole reason why people choose to invest in high definition. Not only does iVECT clean the signal, but it allows 720p/1080i and 1080p to be transmitted over longer length cables.
Click on the link below to view the Eye Diagram Test using a Data Timing Generator and Time Reflectometer (TRD), which can verify this improvement. There are four pairs of wires that are responsible for transmitting the TMDS signals and each pair has to be tested and pass before being packaged. The graphs are the test results on a competitor’s 20m cable that claimed to be high-end and advertised to pass a 720p/1080i signal. It actually failed to comply with the HDMI™ standards set by Silicon Image when put to the test providing a poor picture that could have been achievable with any of the historic analogue cables.

» Eye diagram test results - Competitors Cable

A failure is when the lines cross into the hexagonal mask in the center, hence its name “Eye Test.” The signals are very distorted and irregular. This signal pattern will be directly transferred to the picture and sound creating a far from acceptable picture and sound quality.
Now click on the link below and view the results, a XHT628 with iVEC™ technology was placed on the same cable with no other modifications. It allowed a poorly engineered cable to pass the Eye Test with a 720p/1080i signal.

» Eye diagram test results - IXOS XHT628 with iVEC™

The four graphs to the bottom right show the results of exactly the same cable tested by adding the IXOS® XHT628 with iVECT technology with no other modifications. The XHT6288 allowed a poorly engineered cable to pass the Eye Test with a 720p/1080i signal.
As mentioned above, IXOS® HDMIT cables will pass a 1080p (twice the resolution of 720p/1080i) signal up to 7.5m (24.6ft). By placing the XHT628 on the XHT458 a 1080p signal can be transmitted up to 11m (36ft). Almost three times the distance of any competitor.
When cable lengths over 11m (36ft) are required, IXOS® offers a state of the art solution to return true high definition performance: the XHT808 Repeater. The XHT808 combines active iVECT technology with a signal line amplifier. This is an active solution because we are using the 5v lead within the HDMIT signal to power the microchip. With the XHT808 in-line, 1080p can be transmitted up to 25m and 720p/1080i can be transmitted up to 35m.

Once again, with constant research and development, IXOS® is Connecting Science to PerformanceT.